5 Years For a Belly Piercing

by Olivia

(Lowell, MA, USA)

Yup I have It Pierced!!!

Yup I have It Pierced!!!

When I was 12 or 13 I really wanted a bellybutton piercing, because I thought it was hot.

So I decided to make a fake belly ring and I looked like an idiot! In my family it isn’t proper to have a piercing, because it’s ‘foolishness’ to my mother. So I waited until 16 to get it done.

My friend was talking about wanting her bellybutton done. She suggested for me to get it. She went there and the man had done it for her, only because she looked older than 18.

I went there to get it done and I was denied because I didn’t have a birth certificate or anything to prove I was 18. I tried again. I was still denied. I was finally 18 and I had my permit and voters certificate. I thought it would be enough to pierce me.

Then it wasn’t. He keep denying me over and over. Like 5 times. He saw I really wanted it done badly. I nearly cried knowing I wouldn’t get it. He said if I brought my birth certificate with the seal on it, he would promise me a discount. So later that day I went to get my birth certificate and showed it to him the next day.

I went with my baby sister and she is taller than me. The guy was convinced she was older than me, but truth is she was telling him that I was really 18 and Olivia Kisob really is my name. He made me sign a paper and let me get it pierced.

Moral of the story is – I paid $10 off, waited until I was 18, got it done! My whole family doesn’t know I have a bellybutton piercing and won’t know for a while 😉

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