3 times and still no luck

by Lyndsey


I have had my belly button pierced three
times and have had no luck with it staying in.
It grows out every time and gets infected!!

I thought maybe it was the metal cause I’m allergic to nickel, so I tried a different type of plastic and still did not work.

I was always able to squish it and white puss would ooze out! so gross..I really want my navel pierced.

If I ever decide to get it done again I would try the real gold banana bells! A friend of mine told me when she go thers pierced they used a hoop and that way it was a lot easier to clean..

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  1. yn perfect im 12 got it on ma 12th birthddaii a month again oct30th iv got a lil red mark on top but is from where the clamps where but its fading i can take it out at xmas i bought 4 lil bars and ma mum bought sum4 me

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