3 In A Row

By Jade, England, Cornwall

Navel Piercing Experience

I’d been wanting to get my belly button pierced for years yet my parents kept saying no, then one day i was having my bf and best friend round to stay when they mentioned that they wanted to go down to town and get their lips pierced.

So i asked my parents again if i could get my belly pierced and the said yes 🙂 i was well pleased. And to make it better my dad paid for it!

So we went down town to a place called Sneaky Peanut. We knew the piercer in there quite well so we knew he was good. My bf went and got his piercing first, he signed the papers paid for the piercings and sat down on the chair. He ended up getting snake bites, but he had only planned on getting one side done to begin with.

Once his piercings were done we decided to go and get a smoothie and some food before i went to get mine. We went back about 30mins later and i went to get my belly pierced.

I signed all of the papers, choose the bar i wanted, pink diamond one, and lay down on the bed. The piercer was chatting to me whilst he clamped and pierced my stomach, it was painless and was over before i knew it!

About an hour later we went back in again whilst my friend got her snake bites done (she wanted her bf there so we had to wait). Between us we ended up spending about £100 on our piercings but it was worth it.

It’s been about 8 months now since i got the piercing and its healed great. I had a few problems to begin with but everything is fine now 🙂

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