2 Wrongs maybe a right?!?!

by Chauna

(Norfolk, VA. USA)

Well it all started last year after my 18th birthday in June with my friends.

It was a in the moment type thing and I was so scared, I hate needle’s. So the shop I went to my friend got her tongue pierced there and I would get a good deal. I talked to the guy who would be doing my piercing and he said it was going to be painless much like getting a shot. No it wasn’t.

I went in the room and he told me to sit up against the wall and just breathe. I had my best friend in the room with me and she was holding my hand telling me everything was going to be OK. So he sticks the needle in and OMG that was the worst pain EVER!!!

Afterwards, I looked at it and I was very proud of myself. Going home was a lot more painful. Getting into the car was killer on me. Fast forward to September, I got sick and the piercing started to itch so bad I had to take it out. So I hated looking at my stomach because you could tell where I had the piercing at.

So in January of this year I went back but to a different shop. I felt a lot more comfortable. So this time it was just me and the piercer. He just talked to me as he was going through the whole process. I knew what was to come already so I was a little bit more chill.

So he marked where the old piercing was and did what he had to do. It wasn’t that bad the second time around. So I was doing good until the middle of February. I went to the bathroom after class and as soon as I pulled up my shirt, my ring fell out!!

I was so pissed. Now I just fell like it’s a part of me missing and I’m ready to go back and get it done. This time I’m just going to be so careful about everything I do.

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