Are 14k Gold Belly Rings Less Likely to Be Rejected?

14k gold belly rings less likely to be rejected

You may now have realized this, but belly button piercing is actually a type of surface body piercing which essentially means that there’s a possibility it might get rejected.

What’s Navel Piercing Rejection?

Well, to put it in simple terms – it’s when your body quite literally pushes the piercing out! The wound is healing, and the flap of skin holding the piercing in is getting thinner till it breaks and the belly ring just falls out.

When you pierce parts of body such as earlobes, nostrils, lips or tongue, there’s virtually no way the body jewelry might get rejected for the simple reason that it’s way easier for your body to heal the wound by forming new skin than to try and push it out.

When you get a new belly ring though, there’s always a chance that your body will try and reject it instead of forming a perfectly healed piercing skin-tube where your belly ring sits in.

So, is Choosing a 14k Gold Belly Ring Going to Solve the Issue?

Is such a high-quality belly body jewelry going to minimize the risk of piercing rejection and insure your piercing wound heals quickly and without any associated health risks?

Well, here’s what you have to understand if you want to make your navel piercing wound heal faster:

Provided you’re soaking your belly piercing with saline solution a few times a day and using some antibacterial soap while showering, you should be sorted when it comes to aftercare, so the only other factor you have to consider is getting a good quality bio-compatible body jewelry.

Now, the question can be rephrased as:

Is 14k Gold Navel Jewelry the Best as Your First Belly Ring?

You may be surprised, but gold jewelry isn’t actually the best one when you’re just getting your navel piercing done!

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, if you’re going for a really good quality 14k gold belly ring where the presence of some lesser quality metal contents is almost impossible, you should be just fine.

However, considering that:

  • 14k gold is always an alloy – they add other metals onto it and it increases chances of slight irritation when coming in contact with your fresh piercing;
  • Materials such as bioplast and titanium, for example, are totally bio-compatible and will facilitate the healing process…

… 14k gold isn’t really the IDEAL material for your belly piercing when it’s healing!

So, are 14k Gold Belly Rings BAD for My Piercing?

No, not at all!

Here’s what I would suggest. If you absolutely want to get a high quality 14k gold belly ring and insert it into your fresh piercing, go ahead with a YELLOW gold belly piercing (because white gold alloy sometimes gets nickel added onto it which is an even worse metal in terms of your fresh piercing healing!) and see if it gets irritated or not.

On 9 times out of 10 you should be fine, and your belly piercing won’t get rejected.

If the piercing is slow to heal and it’s irritated for a good while after you got it, however, it’s definitely best to get it changed to a bioplast navel bar so that the healing happens as quickly as possible and the chances of rejection are brought down to minimum!

Hope you find this advice helpful and you can check out a huge range of high quality 14k gold belly jewelry HERE as well as bioplast belly rings HERE!


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