14k gold belly ring between 9k and 18k

Online jewelry stores offer mostly 14k gold belly rings

What’s the difference between a 14k gold belly ring and other alloys – 9k and 18k? You must have seen different carat gold jewelry and maybe nobody has ever explained you what the main differences are.

Solid 14KT White GOLD CZ Gem X MARKS THE SPOT Gem Belly Ring
White gold 14k belly ring…

First I’ll tell you about carats – gold alloy measurements. A carat simply means one 24th. Thus, 14 carat gold has in its composition 14 gold parts out of 24. The rest 10 parts aren’t made from gold, because gold as used in making body jewelry is an alloy metal – it has a few other metals added. The purpose is to make it harder for wearers as gold in its pure form is very soft and would wear down quite fast.

Let’s compare the composition of the metals in the alloys.

In a typical 18k alloy there’s 75% gold whereas in 14k gold – about 60%. If you opt for a 9k gold navel ring, you’ll get only 38% gold ratio. The rest of the gold alloy consists of such metals as silver, copper, zinc and palladium in white gold alloys.

Solid 14KT Yellow GOLD Ruby Red CZ Gem PLUSH Reverse Belly Ring
Yellow gold belly ring…

Silver ratio varies from very little in white gold to 16% in 18k yellow gold. This is the part of why I don’t recommend use gold body jewelry in fresh belly piercings – silver can tarnish and it gets into the piercing.

By the way – you wouldn’t want to see nickel amongst those. This is the metal that makes you allergic and would make you think that you’re allergic to gold as such. Nickel has been replaced by palladium in white gold, but there are still manufacturers who make low quality white gold with nickel.

From other metals the biggest part is taken by copper – from 4% in 18k white gold up to 45% in 9k yellow gold.

18k gold is the purest gold alloy. However, the stores offer 14k gold navel rings – this seems to be a standard for gold navel jewelry online. Even the best diamond belly button rings come set in 14k gold and my recommendation to you is – if you want to buy a high quality gold belly ring, don’t bother yourself with finding 18k gold navel jewelry, you won’t find it. Go for high quality 14k gold body jewelry!

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