12 years young.

By Emily, from Mt. Keira, Australia.

I got my belly button pierced when i was12 years old. It was a very painful proxess resulting in me fainting.

I kept the original piercing bar in for about a month or so. That was when the stones fell out after my first swimming experience.

So, i went to a tattoo parlour and got a new bar put in. I knew it wasn’t healed. So i didn’t do it myself. I didn’t do it myself until my piercing was about 6 months old. But even then i was paranoid about steralising, clean hands, anti bact soap and everything.

I’m now 14 and have the same belly piercing. Im still fair paranoied about it because i have made it this far without infection and i love it a heap. Even today i call it the best $90 ever spent.

5 thoughts on “12 years young.”

  1. im 13 and im getting mine done for my birthday and my friend is getting hers dont with me and we want to know like on a scale 1-10 how bad it hurts .

  2. I got mine peirced and im thirteen i thaugh it was painless. I spent 30 dollars on it though. Mine never got infected and i changed it a week and a half after i got it pierced. It still never got infect i dont know why everyone freaks about it but i do clean it a lot so that might be why. OH and seirra get one with a ball on each side because if you get a dangley you will soon regret it!!

  3. You don’t want a dangly piercing siaraaa because first of all they are not allowed to put a dangly piercing in when it freashly pierced and most dangly belly rings are fake so be care full !! Btw I’m 12 and have mine done 🙂

  4. i’m 13 and i’m turning 14 next month, and i’m getting one for my birthday, but i don’t know what kind too get! i know i don’t want a hoop, but i don’t know what the other options are, everyone says “dangley” ones are “hott” hahah. any helpp?

  5. Hiii, i got my belly button at 12 done too! In a few months i tunred thirteen though. Mine still isnt healed yet but i hope it will soon so i can change it!
    Yours looks great by the way!

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