1 2 3 navel piercing

by Gabby

(Las Vegas)

So i didn’t tell my parents that I’m going to get my navel pierced.

I just went to the tattoo shop and got it done, I’m already 18 so i don’t need my parents permission. My boyfriend keeps scaring me that it’s going to hurt really bad and that it’s gonna feel like they are gonna rip my belly button (idk why I’m listening to a person who hasn’t gotten any piercing at all)

…but while I was waiting I saw the guy whose going to pierce my navel…he was really big, tall, has a lot of tattoos and piercings…he’s scary in general.

Anyways, he called my name and I’m about to have it done. I went there and the guy keeps telling me that it’s going to hurt, he told me to lay down and relax but I couldn’t…

My boyfriend held my hand because I was really scared. When the guy is about to punch a hole on my navel he said…OK, this is going to be really quick just breath, I’m going to count 1 2 3 like 123…I’m like….owwwwwww!!!

I wasn’t even ready yet…but luckily it didnt hurt that bad and now I’m happy that I got it done because it looks so cute…my parents haven’t seen it yet…oh well…ah-ah!!!

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