Titanium – The Strongest Belly Rings Around!

Have you just had your navel pierced? If so then you may be wondering what belly rings you should purchase to best show the piercing off? Or maybe you are just about to have your navel pierced and you want to know which belly ring is the best to get started with? If so then the answer is titanium belly rings. All of our titanium rings are discounted by up to 80% and start from just $5.99. Click on the links below to see prices, larger views and the full product range.

What are Titanium Belly Rings?

Titanium belly rings are the strongest type of belly rings around today. Titanium is one of the toughest metals available and surprisingly it can create some fascinating colours too. Belly button rings that are created from titanium are also a lot lighter than ones which are created from stainless steel. In fact, they could be up to 50% lighter than other metal rings and so they will typically be more comfortable to wear.

When you are looking at titanium belly rings you will notice that they come in a range of styles and colours. The jewellery is not plated and so that reduces the risk of you suffering any kind of reaction to it. With plated belly button rings, it is not uncommon to suffer some kind of skin reaction to them. So because titanium rings are completely natural, they are a lot better for the skin.

You can purchase simply styles such as a belly bar or they come in slightly fancier designs. Typically a fancier design would include a ring that has arrows at either side of it. You can also choose what ball size you would like too. Obviously the bigger the ball size the more noticeable the ring will be.

Overall titanium belly rings are a great alternative to stainless steel rings. They are lighter, they are naturally coloured and they also come in a range of styles too.

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  1. I’m confused, this article says, “One thing that you should keep in mind is that unlike other types of belly rings, titanium belly rings do not come in black or red. This is because the colours are created through oxidation. Red and black are therefore not created…”, but aren’t there black titanium barbells out there?? =S

    1. Hi! The article has now been updated – when the article was originally written, red and black were not available! Thanks for pointing it out.

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