Paris Hilton – Iconic Blonde’s Belly Piercing….

Paris Hilton Belly Piercing

Singer, actress and fashion model – these are just a few words characterizing Paris Hilton. This posh socialite acts in other areas related to media, fashion and publishing and has called herself theĀ iconic blonde of the decade.

Belly button piercing is the only one she has – or at least we know she has:-) Although these days nothing escapes media and if she had a piercing somewhere else, we’d hear about it!


  1. Speaking from personal experience, belly button rings are definetly a fun piercing to have but require a lot of care. Currently I’ve had it for 3 years and don’t regret it at all. It’s great for the beach and if you’re wearing a belly top.

  2. I love Paris Hilton so much that when i get my belly button pierced next week i’m going to think of her the whole time<3

  3. well i think Paris Hilton’s piercing looks pretty but i have a question? can u still exercise during your healing period. like do crunches?

    1. One of the key elements to successful healing is to prevent movement of the ring when healing eg. dont take it out or twist it etc. Doing crunches might fall into this category but you will only find out when you try. If the piercing becomes irritated during exercise then you may have to lay off it a while. On the other hand, you may have no problems at all!

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