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Please make the piercing story at least 300 words long;

You can describe how you decided to get the navel piercing, how you went to the piercing studio and what was the whole navel piercing procedure was like.  Was it painful or just a pinch? Who was with you? What type of ring did you choose? Add some interesting moments. Remember that other Belly Button Rings Guide’s readers will  rate your story!

The person in the picture has to be you and your belly piercing has to be visible. Don’t worry if your face is visible in the photo – it will be cropped so it wont be visible in the photo.

Please make sure you provide a valid e-mail address so that I can get in touch with you after your navel piercing story has been submitted!

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  1. I got my belly button pirected for frist time when I was 17 it didnt want stay so I had take it out so I got repirected a few months ago it all heal and i now 29 year old and I love it

  2. When i first got my belly piercing i was only 14 years old. I was so excited to get it. It took long to heal since my skin is so sensitive. Right now im 18 years old and i still love it. I actually payed 20 dollars to get it pierced. The process didnt hurt that much tho, i was just scared of needles. I want to get the bottom belly pircing also. I always clean it with salt water and it actually helped. After my belly piecing i got my hip dermals and got gauges also. I mean, after getting a belly piercing ts hard not wantig more and more. Its addicting.

  3. When i first got my piercing it was at party. You mightvsay it was dumb but it wa done by a professional with all sterilized materials. It hurt for a pinch when i first got it and after it hurt for like 3 days but then i got use to it. I was 16 and my parents still dont know lol. But i love it so much, its sooo pretty ☺️

  4. I was like 12 when I had my belly piercing and i was with a couple of friends shopping and we decided to stop by at this studio, and we thought about getting a belly piercing each. On that day i was like so afraid cuz like i hadnt done one before. it took 10 mins for the whole session. first they clean your belly and take a lack marker to mark where the will pierce you. then they take a sterilized needle and clamp. so what they do is this they take the clamp and pinch your skin and the clamp has two wholes so that the two marks can show through. then they take the needle and put in through the 2 marks then they get your jewellery and take off the ball( lid) and put the jewellery through in the whole and take out the needle. at last they take the lid and close the jewellery. it was a little bit painful but i just loved they adventure. make sure that you clean it daily you dont want puss on it!

  5. I was 16 and it was right before Halloween and my mothers birthday. I was wanting to get my belly button pierced and the tattoo shop was giving half off for piercing. So my mother and I went and got it done together. She made me go first because she was a chicken. Hahah and she had a tattoo, but was scared to have a needle to go through her belly button. She nearly made my hand purple. Hahah It was a great day! It was a good mother, daughter day! I love my Mommy!! 🙂

  6. the first time i got my belly ring was lik a year ago i was 16 it was exciting i got it because it look cool and i reallly wanted one because i love percing .so me my sister and one of her friend went to get one for thier birthday. ii was very nervous because everbody i ask did it hurt they said it did but when i got mines it didnt really hurt it was just after i got it did . i only have a few belly rings and i would like to get more and this websitte has the coolest ones that i really like so i hope to hear from you guys soon thank you !!

  7. So I got my belly done about a 1 year ago what happend was I was on holiday when I got it done I got it free because he turned out to be an old family friend that moved there 5. Years ago and then I got another piercing done on the top of my ear I also got I free because it u bought 10 cans of coke two bottles of lemonade you got a free percing x

  8. Okey doke so i got my belly pierced maybe a week before thanksgiving . I got it done at tattoo lous in selden ny . I got it done for free because at the time they had a promotion if you brought in like 25 cans of food for a food drive then you get a free piercing . It didnt hurt at all i was scared at first but im actually happy i got it . I bought alot of my belly rings off amazon but the bars are too short so i started getting them at the piercing pagoda at the mall . I just got my tounge pierced two weeks ago

  9. Hello:) my name is Jasia. I went and got my belly button pierced on march 2,2012. Im underaged (15) therefore I was supposed to go with a parent but i went over to a a lady’s house and she did it for me without my parents’ permission. I was soooo scared. I went alone which i knew was dangerous but it all worked out fine. She did it for $15. It seemed like only a pinch to me but i was like in shock because ive been wanting to get it done for a long time and i had finally gotten it. I got in trouble that day because i came home late but i didnt care i had my belly button pierced !!!! It kind of hurted for the first two months and there were times where puss came out but i cleaned it really well and now its fine. It also hurted for about the first two months. My parents had found out about it like a month ago. They made me take it out but no more that 2 hours later they said that i could keep it. It was hard to get it back in but i did. 🙂 I love it !!

  10. hi my name is kianna goulden i had gotten my belly button pierced at age 14 when i got it done i was neverous at first but then my mom was by my side to keep me from getting scared when the guy asked me if i was ready i said yes that’s when i layed down and he told me to relax so i did then he said hold your breathe in and when he pierced my belly button with the needles i was about to close my eye’s but he was already finished then he put the belly button ring on from that day on i enjoyed having my belly button pierced i go swimming in my bikini to show of my belly button piercing

  11. Well what can i say i come from a poor familey and my dad had got my navel done for me but … the body ring broke and i dont have another one and my dad is out of work and i would really like to keep it in so if you could be nice enough to pick me . Its the only percing im aloud to have thanks Sherry

  12. First of all i’ve always loved piercings and i have my ears done 5 times and I always wanted my nose done. My mom said absolutely not to that but she said i could get my belly done. this made me upset but then i looked at the rimgs and they were so cute so i decided to get it done. on my 16th birthday i went to the tattoo shop and picked out what i wanted. it was $45. the she put the clamp on and shoved the needle through and it was all done. she also did mine standing up witch was different

  13. Hi my name is Caitlin and I got my belly button pierced today and It didn’t hurt at all it was just a mild pinch. People who want to get this piercing it can get infected very easily so you have to be rigorous with cleaning it. Ask your local piercer on the best ways to clean it for the 6 weeks of healing do not wear tight clothes wear loose baggy clothes. And don’t play with the ring like twist it around move it up and down . Leave it ALONE it’s for your own good!

  14. hi..I’m jenny but I loved to call zennie. I have been through lots of piercing on my own. I have 4 pierced in my 2 ear equally balance, one in my tongue, one at my bottom lip and one on my nose. I started doing this when I was in Senior high supposedly 14 years old. The last part that I had done piercing is in my nose. It get almost a month but my pierce still gets watery and color red like a wound. So i decided to get the jewelry out of my nose and let it be heal and gone. Because I’m afraid it would be infected. huhu i never have a pierce in my nose now but someday if have a time, I’m gonna put some one now to proffesional only.

  15. hello every one i,m 30 year old male from india . one day in indian movie i see a actress with navel piercing , i am never see to any persion with navel piercing it excited me for it . actually navel piercing is not in my culture so i m unabile o disscus to any one about it. one day i descide to self navel piercing ,and after a long painful prosess i done it it give me more mentaly satisfection after some day i observe my body is refuse my piercing actually we have no sutabile jewellery for it so i take artificial ear rin some time i were couper/aluminium ring of electric wire but all time it is defuse by my body . i m attend 5-6 time self navel piercing from last 5 year all time it is refuse by my body .09 october of 2009 is the revlutnary day because in this day i find stainless stell curved barbell for it one time i am again attend self navel piercing this time it is succesful and healing take place very fast now i want to change our belly ring but in my city all most 500k.m. range of my city no any place where i find belly ring so please provide me free belly ring in my city . thanks

  16. I got my belly pierced and I got an industrial bar. I love them! Im gona get my tounge done 2. BBRG has tha cutest jewelry

  17. i would love to have a belly ring! It would make me sooooo happy!! I am going to pierce it once i get a belly ring!! I really need a belly ring so i can pierce it before summer comes!!!

  18. i had my belly ring done n i almost fainted when i felt th ªpainª.. as soon as she got finished i was beggin for water , it was alil drama bt blv me it was sh ofered me her own sparcklin water.. it was at a mall so i went in a supermarket n got a cold sack of peas n put it under my shirt… helped a lil, went to my bestfriends university hostel coz it was th nearest place to go lie flat ..everyone kept askin wat was wrong i tod them i had th night i didnt know how to sleep, i hate sleepin with my tummy had to.. so th next day i bought a new tight dress n my mum wanted to see me in it , so i put it on, wen i closed th zip my belly was hurtin ,i thnk its coz it was a i showed how i was in th dress to my mum quickly n took it of.. my mum found it strange y i dint stay in it for long coz usually i walk around th house n try it with diferent shoes … till now sh doesnt know, i prefere tellin her wen its healed coz thn if sh says take it off i can take it n still put it back its three months now n still on its way to healin, ievertym i shwer i blowdry it with a cool blow..n i hope it heels pretty soon.

  19. I want to pierce my belly button but i dont have a belly ring and this website has the COOLEST belly button rings. So i would love to have a belly ring! It would make me sooooo happy!! I am going to pierce it once i get a belly ring!! I really need a belly ring so i can pierce it before summer comes!!!

  20. Hi, my names Samantha, and i got my belly button pierced a little over a week ago . It was pierced by somebody that I’m close to who owns their own shop and has been in the business for a long time. It cost 40 dollars and an extra 10 for the healing solution. It actually didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would, all you have to do is relax. But, after wards i got dizzy and had to lay down. My piercer told me to clean it twice a day in the shower with antibacterial soap and turn the ring around. If you get it pierced, get the ring that is kind of like a hoop earring, because if you get the banana bar, it wont get clean on the inside, but with the ring, you can turn it all the way around. She also said to spray it with the healing solution no more than twice a day. I have been doing this and it has been coming along normal. It is red, and it does get a little crusty, but it doesn’t hurt at all. If your belly button shows signs of infection ( bleeding more than normal, pussing, irritation) then soak it in salt water for about 10 minutes. After about a month, you should go back and have your piercer check on how it is doing. Thanks, and i hope i helped !

  21. hi my names is natalie i got my belly button pierced on my 17th birthday of last year on july 10 2008 and it was doing fine untill one day it started bleeding and getting all kinds of stuff coming out then i notice when i seen my bell button stretching out so i didn’t think of anything so i went to see wat was wrong with it and the guy at the belly button piercing place said it was infected and thats why my belly button looks like i got surgery done on it but its realy not a surgery cut its were my belly button ring got infected so i got my belly button pierced on the bottom and i hope it last for a long time this is my story

  22. Today i went got my belly button prierced. Iam a bit confused, for the piercer said I should not let any water fall on it, he has told me to apply Soferamisin ointment, and keep moving the ring off and on.
    He has been in this business for a long time, I have had my ears pierced by him many times. I told him about salt water treatment , and even asked him whether i should be doing it. He said it is done only when infected not now. He said it will heal in 15 days and I should be just applying the crean thats all. Since my ear piercing healed by this method only without any infection, I feel like listening to him and not worry about infection and all. But in the internet everywhere they are saying to clean it with salt water, so can anybody please tell me what to do.

  23. When I first got my belly button pierced i was scared because im extremely afraid of needles but i got my belly button piercing and i love it I cant wait intil I can change it. I ve been wanting this piercing every since i was 13 years old now im 17 and im loving it. I going to also get my bottom done. Once you get a piercing it really addictive and i want more

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