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Acrylic Belly RingsAcrylic belly button rings are extremely popular especially because they’re cheap but look fabulous. There is such a mind-boggling variety available! You could actually get a collection and dazzle everyone with a new acrylic belly button ring every day! 🙂 Check out our range below – all at up to 80% off RRP and start from as little as $0.99!! Click on any product to see more in the range…

If you are getting your first ever belly piercing, then you will be relieved to know that the material used in making the shaft of the acrylic belly button rings is surgical steel that is of high quality and safe to wear. Acrylic is a type of plastic that has a wide range of uses these days and comes is a huge assortment of colors and styles. Acrylic is used for all kinds of body piercing jewelry and is much sought after because just about anyone can afford it.

Acrylic belly button rings come in an unlimited range of colors, shapes and designs and color combinations. Designs range from shapes like flower motif dangle, animals, pool balls, butterflies, hedgehogs, symbols etc. and there is a variety to please any taste. You can also get your favorite colors in funky designs!

The beautiful black acrylic yellow guitar butterfly belly ring or the black and yellow spring butterfly are really cool acrylic belly button rings that you can show off to your friends. Or take a look at the black beach ball hedgehog designed belly button ring. With the hedgehog as the main design, there are many variations in the design that look superb and very attractive on your skin.

Acrylic is a very comfortable material to wear. Some of the designs like the red, white pink and blue striped koosh ball belly ring comes with a cozy silicone spiky ball. If you prefer a little glitter on your belly piercing, then consider the crystalline double gem blue glitter belly button ring or the single gem electric blue UV design. Girls will just love the hot pink gem izzy lizzy belly ring with a lizard motif dangle and the foxy pink pleasure 70s dangle belly ring.

There are also prominent designs like the layered lime candy star, clover or heart belly button ring. For those who like a splash of color, there is the top dangle blue or purple acrylic multi layered belly ring, which is a unique swivel type that looks hot.

With all the choice available, rush to get your own collection! 😉

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  1. hey love the belly button rings so hot right now just bought the green blue and white striped hedghog ring sooo in luv any wasy luv CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    lurve karina

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